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Amite Westside Middle Magnet School's Educational Philosophy

The goal of AWMMS is to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment that successfully bridges the gap between elementary school and high school. A challenging curriculum will offer students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of skills and prepare them for the strenuous curriculum they will face in high school. Caring and knowledgeable educators will to only provide students with rigorous lessons, but will provide a climate that fosters self-esteem, self-discipline, and student responsibility. Middle school is an important time in young adolescent lives as they struggle to make decisions regarding their academic and career choices for the future. AWMMS addresses these intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs by providing all students with flexible scheduling, learning communities, and a student centered curriculum.

We recognize that each child comes to us with unique strengths, challenges, and needs. In an effort to meet those needs, AWMMS maintains high expectations for all students. Certified teachers value the young people they serve and will work closely with them to provide powerful lessons rich in hands on activities that stimulate higher order thinking and allow students to flourish. In partnership with parents and community organizations, West Side Middle offers its students a positive, supportive and flexible environment with opportunities to develop a variety of skills and explore meaningful learning experiences while making a successful transition from elementary to high school.

Amite Westside Middle Magnet School's Mission Statement

Amite Westside Middle Magnet School is striving for excellence by educating and guiding all students to reach their full potential.